Community Services Learning Interview

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by a student at the University of Alberta, the wonderful Colleen Penton, about my writing as a member of the Alberta Writer’s Guild.

Please take a look a the link here. Below is one of my favourite parts of the interview.

C: How did you get into writing? What made you decide to pursue a degree in writing?

B: I have had a love of reading for my whole life and read voraciously before ever considering writing. My degree is in English Lit and I did not initially intend on going as deeply into writing as I did. I went into the degree with teaching in mind and found that the writing classes were becoming the highlight of my degree. I started writing stories probably around the 8th grade and have gotten significantly more invested in writing in the last three years of my degree in terms of both poetry and fiction.

I’ve always loved talking about my writing and Colleen was extraordinarily kind to interview me with regards to my work. I am thrilled to be able to share the interview, which is part of a series of interviews with members of the Writer’s Guild of Alberta to show the huge variety and diversity of writers in the province. To wrap up the interview, Colleen says:

Breanna brings a different perspective to her writing because she spent so much time as a student working in a more emotionally vulnerable situation that most do during their studies. Working with the residents she did gives her an edge to her work that you won’t find elsewhere. Reading her short poetry was enjoyable for me because you feel very connected to the writer because she has this ability to form a connection through her work, which will bring readers back for more.